Ruby Relationships

25 Nov 2018

I have been continuing to work on developing my knowledge and understanding of Ruby, particularly by trying to comprehend relationships between classes and how the methods within those classes interact with the class as a whole as well as the instances of objects created from them. Understanding how to use methods from one class on an instance generated by another class proved difficult for me at first, but some of the real world examples like a stripped down version of Kickstarter and a banking system helped. The banking system in particular was interesting because I had the opportunity to see how to write methods which checked the validity of accounts to determine whether a pending transaction could process. Because one of the main reasons I wanted to learn how to program is my desire to understand and build the types of services I use every day, I appreciate seeing how one would conceptualize such systems, even starting with simplified implementations. I look forward to seeing the rest of the pieces of the web development process, including how to store and retrieve data as with SQL in the next major section following object-oriented Ruby.