Cracking Nokogiri

03 Jan 2019

Until today, I had been taking a break from working on assignments due in part to the holidays, but also because I was struggling with using the Nokogiri gem correctly to extract data from the web page provided for the project. I am happy that I managed to start the new year off well by picking back up where I left off and managing to pass the first test with the scraping project wherein I was able to scrape and output the correct information from the index page of students. I am beginning to grasp the formatting of the code needed to successfully pull objects from a page and iterate through the raw data to capture relevant information. While I still need to practice and work toward passing the next several tests, I am becoming more confident. I am excited because this is giving me a vision for what I can achieve with my own project. I am hopeful that I can use Nokogiri to extract data from a government website for use in a pet project I have that has been useful in my current job, but could be better.